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COST Action ISI401: Strengthening Europeans’ capabilities by establishing the European literacy network (Working Group 1: An integrated and inclusive foundational approach to literacy across Europe).

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PTDC/PSI-PCO/110734/2009Mechanisms of Implicit Learning: From Artificial Grammars to Dyslexia.

Prémio Ceratonia/CGD 2009 – O estudo de aprendizagens implícitas em sujeitos disléxicos.

PTDC/PSI/64920/2006 – Assessment and characterization of reading disorders and dyslexia in Portuguese children and adults.

SOCRATES PROGRAMME, 2006-2798-001-001 SO2 610BGE – Profiling poor readers and their support: PROREAD.

FCT – POCTI/46955/PSI/2002 – Structural and Functional Brain Imaging: Implementation and application of magnetic resonance imaging methods for the study of human cognition.

FCT – POCTI/41669/PSI/2001 – The influence of formal education and literacy on the cognitive system and its cerebral substrates.

CONC-REEQ/879/2001 – Qualified Electrophysiology at the Center for Intelligent Systems (CSI).



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